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“I wish I had his job. He’s living my dream.”

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Practice pieces. Carving and stamping flowers, vines and leaves.

An old friend of mine said that to my wife a few years ago.  He was a lawyer, and had been for many years.  He passed away a while back, far too young, and I was just thinking about him, and what he’d said to her about this “job” of mine.

I love what I do.  Most of the time.  I suppose most folks that have chased a dream, do.  I worked in the legal field for many years, but for me, it was like trying to nail Jello to a tree.  Constant stress, and no sense of worthy accomplishment.  Even good outcomes were intangible, and rarely, if ever, good for both sides.  I don’t miss it.

With this gig, it’s different.  It’s not all wonder and awe–it has its moments.  But, even when it’s bad, it’s awful damn good.


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Lightning, AT&T and we’re back to accepting orders.


We’re accepting orders again!

Happy to see June in my rearview mirror.  Thunderstorms, lightning, power outages and getting to know just about everybody on the AT&T repair crew.  Smoked/fried telephone lines nuked my phone and DSL internet access, so it’s been like a flashback to the 80’s around here.  Network TV and silence almost became a habit.

It’s all fixed now, and truth be told, I kinda missed it.

I did get mostly caught-up on orders though, so there’s the silver lining.

If you see something around here that you like, shoot me an e-mail to, or message me through the website.  If you have an idea for something different, we can talk about that, too.

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Spring. The two weeks between too cold and too hot.

Spring cleaning around here, and not many blog posts.  I decided I’d clear everything off my bench, if for no other reason but to verify there was still a bench under all the crap stuff I’d collected.


Around here, it’s cool (sometimes damn cold) through the winter months, then we get a couple weeks of perfect spring-like weather, followed by too many months of just hot and humid as hell.  I love it all.  I do prefer the heat over the cold.

Two belts on the bench this morning.  Both dual-layer/lined premium Hermann Oak leather.  Top one’s a star basket in Natural, and the bottom is a plain Black Cherry.  The lighting’s not great, but if I was a photographer I’d be working for Victoria’s Secret somewhere.

Made in the USA.  Imagine that.

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Making changes. Working on the website.

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Good Sunday morning!  It’s the last day of what’s been a happy, busy, January.  I thought I’d get in here and make some changes to the website.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I changed domains and internet service providers last year after many years with my previous provider.  The learning curve’s been pretty steep.

When I started “making things” way back in 1986, it was bullropes for bullriders, and other assorted cowboy gear.  My primary focus was rodeo, and the bullriding event.  That transitioned into leather, and gunleather.  Orders were taken by phone, and payments were made by check or money order via the US Postal Service.

My, how things have changed.  Today, it’s PayPal via the website or electronic mail.  Questions and answers are electronically volleyed back and forth with photos and measurements. Friendships develop without ever meeting.

What hasn’t changed is the handcrafting.  The hours in the shop with the coffee pot constantly burping and recharging.  Sides of leather, spools of thread, finicky machinery, and watching the sunrise through the shop windows.

Sunrise at the shop.

 What’s not to love?

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Orders closed. That was quick.

If you were sitting on the fence, I apologize.  If you ordered, I appreciate it.  My backlog/wait-list has reached the limit that I’ve set for myself.  Any longer and I lose sleep, throw up blood, and start trying to work 24-hours a day.  Naw, it’s not really that bad.

Gibson Crosscut premium Hermann Oak two-ply gun belts. Black, and Black Cherry, 1.5″ wide with solid brass hardware. $199.00 plus shippng.  Made in the USA.

I like to be booked far enough out to circumvent poverty, but not so slammed that I can’t work on other projects.  Some would call me a lightweight.  Hell, my friends call me worse.

I’m blessed to be busy.  Thank you for all the orders.

I’d best get after it!