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Gibson Saltillo Star Basket Leather Gun Belt. Hand stamped and handmade in the good ol’ USA.


The credit for this idea goes to a long-time customer.  I happen to love it–thanks, Mike!

This is one of our 1-1/2″ wide, dual-layer (lined) leather gunbelts.  It’s a cool color we call “Saltillo” for the deep red highlights.  This one is hand stamped with the Barry King star basket stamp, one tiny little star at a time.  The border is also a Barry King stamp.  Stitching is heavy white nylon.  The hand-stamped leather keeper is hand finished, and hand molded to fit this belt.  It’s also hand sewn with linen thread in order to avoid a metal staple, which would corrode over time and make a mess of the works.  The edges are beveled by hand, painstakingly dyed by hand, then waxed and burnished to a fine polish.  There are seven (7) adjustment holes spaced 3/4″ apart.  It’s topped off with a heavy, polished solid brass Weaver buckle, and two floral brass Chicago screws.

If you want one of your very own, please feel free to order below.

If you have questions, shoot me an email to, or use the contact form below.

$195.00 plus $12.95 USPS Priority Mail Shipping, Insured with Delivery Confirmation/Tracking.  Total is $207.95  (Florida Orders please contact me for Sales Tax).




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“I wish I had his job. He’s living my dream.”

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Practice pieces. Carving and stamping flowers, vines and leaves.

An old friend of mine said that to my wife a few years ago.  He was a lawyer, and had been for many years.  He passed away a while back, far too young, and I was just thinking about him, and what he’d said to her about this “job” of mine.

I love what I do.  Most of the time.  I suppose most folks that have chased a dream, do.  I worked in the legal field for many years, but for me, it was like trying to nail Jello to a tree.  Constant stress, and no sense of worthy accomplishment.  Even good outcomes were intangible, and rarely, if ever, good for both sides.  I don’t miss it.

With this gig, it’s different.  It’s not all wonder and awe–it has its moments.  But, even when it’s bad, it’s awful damn good.


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Working on the website as time allows.

Slow but sure–finally starting to add a few belts and gun belts to the shop.  So far, this one.  But, that’s progress, right?

We’ve also whittled a week off the lead-time.  We’ve gone from 5 to 6 weeks all the  way down to 4 to 5 weeks.

Check out the dual-layer, Star Basket gun belt in Natural Hermann Oak.  It’s available in Natural or Black Cherry.  Stitching colors are black or white, your choice.  Buckles are heavy, polished Brass (gold), or heavy polished Chrome Brass (silver).

Photos are below, and if you find yourself wanting one, click the link here to order one in the shop

***Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is free for a limited time.***

Gibson dual-layer gun belt. Handmade, hand stamped Star Basket BK. Natural oil premium American Hermann Oak leather. 1.5″ wide with 7 adjustment holes 3/4″ apart, hand formed and stamped leather keeper, polished brass buckle with brass Chicago screw fasteners.
Gibson Black Cherry Star Basket TLF, 1.5″ wide, hand stamped, hand formed and sewn leather keeper. Polished solid brass hardware, heavy black nylon stitching.

Questions?  Always welcome–shoot me an email to or use the contact form below…

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Lightning, AT&T and we’re back to accepting orders.


We’re accepting orders again!

Happy to see June in my rearview mirror.  Thunderstorms, lightning, power outages and getting to know just about everybody on the AT&T repair crew.  Smoked/fried telephone lines nuked my phone and DSL internet access, so it’s been like a flashback to the 80’s around here.  Network TV and silence almost became a habit.

It’s all fixed now, and truth be told, I kinda missed it.

I did get mostly caught-up on orders though, so there’s the silver lining.

If you see something around here that you like, shoot me an e-mail to, or message me through the website.  If you have an idea for something different, we can talk about that, too.

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Black Cherry. First “plain” one I’ve done with no stamping or carving.


A first for me, and I was a little apprehensive up until I got it assembled.  Now I want one.  Thanks Jeff & Crystal for letting me make something new!

This one is solid Black Cherry with heavy black nylon stitching.  It’s hand-made from two layers of premium American-tanned Hermann Oak leather cut from the side, bonded and stitched, babied and nurtured through some 30-steps before it’s completed.  The edges are hand-beveled, then hand-dyed (an inch at a time!), waxed, and burnished.  The heavy solid polished brass Weaver buckle is attached with two floral engraved brass Chicago screws.  The belt keeper is hand-molded, and hand-sewn.  Factory belts have a staple or two on the keeper that corrode in short order.  The lining on this belt is left natural, and the combined thickness of the two layers is right about 1/4″.  Width on this one is 1-1/2″.

My plain gunbelts are $150.00 plus $12.95 for US Postal Service Priority Mail shipping and insurance with tracking/delivery confirmation.  6% Florida Sales Tax if it’s shipping to a Florida address.  Payment is by PayPal.  To order, contact me by e-mail to, or through the contact form below, and I’ll send you an invoice.  Delivery time (from order to ship date) is currently running about 4-weeks.

Thank you for reading.  If I forgot something, or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail (or use the contact form below).


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I’m not a website design guru. But, you already knew that.


I’ve been playing with a few different “themes” for the website.  I’m not real kicked in the head with any of ’em.

It would probably help if I knew what I was doing.

There are hundreds of companies and individuals in destitute third-world countries that are willing to help me out.  I know this because they spam me constantly.

Please bear with me–I’ll figure this out, eventually.  I will.

The belt above is one of my double-layer (dual-layer) bonded and stitched natural Hermann Oak gunbelts.  It’s 1-1/2″ wide, and comes with seven holes spaced 3/4″ apart for adjustment.  I like the look of the seven holes, and the functionality of being able to “fine-tune” the fit.  The stitching is heavy nylon for years of hard use.  The keeper is hand-molded, and hand-sewn…there’s no metal staple hidden behind it to corrode down the road.  The edges are hand-beveled, hand-dyed, hand-burnished, polished and waxed.  I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with stitching and edges.  I’ll never get them perfect, but when they haul my ass away, I’ll still be seeking that perfection.  This one’s topped off with solid, heavy, polished brass hardware and two floral engraved solid brass Chicago screws.

As always…handmade in what’s left of the good ol’ USA.

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Spring. The two weeks between too cold and too hot.

Spring cleaning around here, and not many blog posts.  I decided I’d clear everything off my bench, if for no other reason but to verify there was still a bench under all the crap stuff I’d collected.


Around here, it’s cool (sometimes damn cold) through the winter months, then we get a couple weeks of perfect spring-like weather, followed by too many months of just hot and humid as hell.  I love it all.  I do prefer the heat over the cold.

Two belts on the bench this morning.  Both dual-layer/lined premium Hermann Oak leather.  Top one’s a star basket in Natural, and the bottom is a plain Black Cherry.  The lighting’s not great, but if I was a photographer I’d be working for Victoria’s Secret somewhere.

Made in the USA.  Imagine that.

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Busy’s good, but caught-up’s better.

A place for everything, and everything outta place.

I’m a couple weeks out from being “caught-up.”  I am back on schedule after falling behind a couple weeks.  I mentioned in another post that it was the result of some supply issues combined with my own piss-poor ability to gauge my production capabilities.

It’s awesome for the checkbook to be slammed with orders.  Everybody I know would love to be booked-up for weeks in advance.  Except me.

I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong–I love my customers.  It’s tough to say “no.”  I just can’t get a grip on being committed for two months or more at a time.

In a couple of weeks I’ll have all my current orders filled.  Hopefully, with happy customers–those are my favorite kind.  After that, I’m gonna take some time to build what I want.  No more advance orders.  It just doesn’t agree with me.  I’ll be adding items to the “In Stock” section of the website here and there, but I don’t see me taking any more orders.

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Mahogany and black. Pretty fine color combination.

Gibson Mahogany gun belt. 1-1/2" wide, lined Hermann Oak leather. Polished brass hardware.  $125.00 plus shipping.
Gibson Mahogany gun belt. 1-1/2″ wide, lined Hermann Oak leather. Polished brass hardware. $150.00 plus shipping.