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1911. NO SITE TRACK! $75.00 shipped. (G5)

Here’s another from the “in-stock” collection.  This is a post-prototype that has no molded, or sewn-in site track.  It’s pictured with a 5-inch Kimber Raptor 1911.  The design is for a Commander 4.25″ or a 4″ 1911.  I just like the look.

Retention is excellent.  It’s handmade from premium American Hermann Oak leather.  Ride is high, and it has a full-firing grip–you can reach for it, and there’s no grip interference.  This is a sweet holster, it just lacks a site track.

Everything about this one is top-notch quality.  Materials, stitching, fit, molding.  All the normal insane attention to detail is here.  The Kimber has full-size sites.  But, because it doesn’t have a molded/sewn site track built in, we’re letting this one go for $75.00 bucks, shipped.  And, your satisfaction is still guaranteed.  If you get it, and don’t like it–send it back.  You’ll get a 100% refund if you do it within 14-days or so.  That’s how we operate.

The backside is molded, detailed and Maker stamped.

15-degree (FBI) muzzle-rear rake.  Questions?  Holler at me by email to

$75.00 shipped to any of the 50 states.  If you’re in Florida, we’ll send you an additional invoice for $4.50 for the sales tax.  Everywhere else, –it’s $75 bucks.  Period.

We ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance.

Here ya go.  Buy it–safely through PayPal.  You’ll be happy you did.  If not, we’ll make it right.