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Brand-new week. Workin’ out the bugs.

Click photo for larger view)  THIS BELT IS SOLD

Still working out the bugs on the new website.  Had an amazing weekend…didn’t do squat!  Exactly the kind I like.

The gunbelt in the photo above is one of my hand-carved and stamped black cherry crosscuts.  It’s two layers of premium American-tanned Hermann Oak leather, bonded and stitched with heavy nylon cord with hand finished and burnished edges.  The thread color on this one is called “Henna,” and it’s a cool color that I use occasionally.  The buckle is a heavy, polished brass Weaver design with a partial tongue.  This buckle works extremely well on these gunbelts because of the 1/4″ thickness of the two layers of leather.  This buckle doesn’t require the belt tip to be bent outward for fastening.

I have a few things working on the bench, and I’ll be adding them to the site as they’re completed.  As I’ve mentioned before, I decided a year or so ago to stop accepting advance orders and eliminate the waiting list–the dreaded “backlog.”

Hope you have a terrific week.  I’ll be posting another bunch of completed items as soon as I can get ’em photographed.

Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions on the new site.