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Hermann Oak. Since 1881. No, it’s not in China.


This is just a short post of where we get our leather.  It’s from Hermann Oak Leather in St. Louis, Missouri.  Yep…in America, the good ol’ USA.  That’s important to me since my name ultimately winds up on it, and it’s one of the few arenas where we (our government) haven’t allowed the Chinese to screw us.  The saddest part is that we’ve stood by and handed them the keys.  It’s been “consensual” as they say in the legal arena.  Usually in criminal cases.  Hermann Oak’s one of the holdouts.

Hermann Oak has been in the leather business since 1881.  By my math, that makes 2016 their 135th year.  We don’t shop around for our premium oak-tanned belt and holster leather.  It’s all 100% American, all 100% Hermann Oak.  It’s better than the import stuff, and of course, more expensive.  Quality tends to be that way.

Here’s a neat video on a legendary American company.