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If we make it through December…

I love brand-new months and December is my favorite of the twelve.

For me, a new month is a new opportunity, like a new page in my sketchbook, a clean start, or a new blog post.  This isn’t a great blog post–not even good–but if you spend any time around here, you know not to expect those.  Things around here are in their normal state of crazy, leather-related making of the coolest products I can come up with, goofing off with customers by email, and burning up pencil lead drawing and sketching on whatever’s lying around.

I was born in the early 60’s in Southern California.  Before California evolved into whatever the hell it is now.  Growing up, my memories are of beautiful country, farmland, Vietnam, Walter Cronkite, the awesome Pacific Ocean, Charley Pride, Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.

December always conjures this classic from a guy I consider an American treasure.  The late Merle Haggard.  Happy December–I hope it’s your best ever.

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