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Jesse W. Smith. Saddlemaker, artist, legend.

I’ve shared this before, a while back. Just came across it again, and thought I’d share it…again.

Back in May of 1980 I was living in Spokane, Washington. Two things are always at the forefront of my memory of that time. Mount St. Helens blowing her top, and hanging out at Jesse W Smith‘s saddle shop. Jesse built the first bronc saddle I ever owned. He took a Raymond Hulin bareback riggin’ as a down-payment on it, and financed the rest.

Jesse’s a cool dude. Always has been. American military Veteran, teacher, artist. Fact is, in our business he’s a legend. He doesn’t know it, and he’d probably think I was addled for saying it, but it’s true. A quiet, humble, American treasure.

Thank you for the friendship Jesse. Thank you for letting an 18-year old, wanna be bronc rider hang around your shop back in the day. And, thank you for the trust.

Here’s a little video about one of my heroes.