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Gibson Black Cherry Star Basket TLF gunbelt. 1.5″ wide, with polished brass hardware.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017:  I am not currently accepting advance-orders on products.  This will allow me to catch up on my current back-log, and to work on some new product design ideas.

***CURRENT BACKLOG:  SEPTEMBER 7, 2017***–We’re not currently accepting advance, or custom orders.

PAYPAL:  Is the way we accept payments, modify balances, and issue refunds if necessary.  We issue refunds if you return an item because it doesn’t fit, and you want a remake.  We reimburse you for the return postage if we determine the fit issue is our fault.  We issue refunds if you receive an item, you’re not happy with it, and you return it to us in the same pristine condition you received it in.

SHIPPING:  Is via the US Postal Service.  We use Priority Mail, Insured, with tracking/delivery confirmation.  I was surprised to read somewhere that the USPS actually has around a 98% on-time delivery track record.  USPS tracking is terrible–the worst we’ve seen, but they do let you know when it’s on the way, and for best effect, also when it arrives.  We’ve had good luck with them over the years, and we’ll keep using them until the government figures out what bankruptcy is, and shuts ’em down.


CAN I COME AND VISIT?  I have a closed, private shop as far from society as I can get.  So, the short answer is “no.”  That could change, but after 30-years I don’t see it happening.

WHAT IF I MEASURED WRONG AND IT DOESN’T FIT?  Send it back, insured and in a BOX, at your expense, for a remake, or a refund.  If I goofed, I’ll refund the return postage, remake it, and pay for the shipping back to you.  If you goofed, the shipping is yours both ways.  If you want a refund after all that, there’s a 20% restocking fee.

CAN I JUST USE MY PANTS SIZE?  No.  You have to measure a belt you’re currently using/wearing from the fold at the buckle, to the hole you’re currently using.  Use the diagram below.  Also, if possible, measure your waist with a tape.  If you’ll be wearing gear, measure with the gear on.  We don’t have to have both measurements, but they don’t hurt.  If you have any questions, PLEASE contact me.



CAN I SEND YOU A TEXT?  No.  I have a flip-phone and an AOL account.  Seriously.  If I start texting, my wife has orders to shoot me.

YOU WANT PAYMENT IN ADVANCE. CAN I TRUST YOU?  That’s your call.  My average orders run $150 to $250 each.  Unless I sail off the deep-end, that’s not worth stealing.  If I do lose my mind and decide to adopt a life of crime, my first step will be to rob my bank.  Make it worth the effort.

I DON’T LIKE PAYPAL, OR THEIR POLITICS. IS THERE ANOTHER WAY?  No.  Not here.  I don’t like PayPal either, but they’re secure, and we never see your financial/credit/debit/bank information.  We’ve used them for years.  They haven’t screwed up yet.  We use the Postal Service and they have screwed up.  Six of one, half-dozen of another.  (See PAYPAL above).

IF I DON’T LIKE IT, CAN I SEND IT BACK?  Yes.  See above.  Unless it’s something really weird, but we don’t accept orders for that to begin with, so it’s generally not an issue.  Questions, please contact me.

HOW LONG DOES IT ACTUALLY TAKE TO MAKE A GUNBELT?  Three (3) days, minimum.  That includes babying* and drying time.  Stamping and carving take longer.  (*Babying and obsessive focus on detail is included at no extra charge).

THERE’S NOTHING/NOT MUCH IN YOUR SHOP FOR SALE. WHY?  Most of what I do is custom, or advance-ordered for a specific individual.  Occasionally, you’ll find items that I have in-stock, or available for immediate purchase.  We’re working on adding to the online shop, but the actual hands-on, bench-time always takes priority.  Also, I haven’t completely figured out how to use the WooCommerce shop feature.  When I do, it’ll get a lot more “Store-Fronty” around here.

DO YOU HAVE A PHONE NUMBER?  Yes.  It’s (850) 722-6789.  Between the scammers, telemarketers and politicians, I rarely answer it anymore, but you can call it anytime.  The voice mail was full last time I checked, so you probably can’t leave a message.  I don’t do anything by phone anymore.  I still have one for internet access, and to give the scammers and politicians something to talk to.  Email is the method I use nowadays (BruceGibson@aol.com), but some folks like the feeling of security that comes with a telephone number.  I also have a cellphone that I don’t use.

ANY QUESTIONS, OR ANYTHING NOT ANSWERED HERE?  Please contact me.  I want you to have the answers to all of your questions before you order.  You can ask questions ANYTIME.  I’d rather you ask before there’s an issue…it tends to aid greatly in avoiding issues.  Email day or night to BruceGibson@aol.com, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Gibson Natural Oil 1.5″ gunbelt and Gibson Natural Oil belt slide holster for 1911, 15-degree rake, high-ride.

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