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Sam Andrews of Andrews Custom Leather makes a holster with Hank Strange.

It’s a little long, but this is an excellent video done by Hank Strange in Sam Andrews shop down in Alachua, Florida.  This one takes you step-by-step through Sam’s process of making a belt slide, or “pancake” holster for a Glock 19.  Sam recently moved his shop from Alachua to St. Augustine, Florida.

Sam’s process is a little different than mine, but similar in many ways.  He’s been at it for some 40-years, and he stays booked with an extended backlog.  As a Maker, I love watching other Maker’s processes.  I always learn something, and this video is no exception.  One thing I learned from this one is that Sam Andrews seems to be a heck of a nice guy.

Awesome video from Hank Strange on a process I’m always fascinated by.  Check out Andrews Custom Leather here Andrews Custom Leather and Hank’s YouTube Channel here Hank Strange YouTube.

Check it out, and comment below!

2 thoughts on “Sam Andrews of Andrews Custom Leather makes a holster with Hank Strange.

  1. Thanks for posting this Bruce… This was the first video I had seen of Sam and Hank. I was completely memorized by Sam’s methods of doing the pancake holster and his “smooth D.J.” voice 😉

    Sam & Hank also have another video out on making a Shoulder Rig. I think it is about an hour long. I picked up so many little tips from that one I use all the time and again, Sam’s easy going demeanor, leather tips and cool voice keep you glued to the screen!

    It would be great to work with him for a week just see how he does the volume of work that is put out.

    Rick Jorgenson
    Desert Gun Leather (
    Phoenix, AZ

    1. Thanks, Rick! I completely agree. As you know most of us work alone, so we’re pretty isolated. I always enjoy getting to see other guys in the gunleather business practicing the craft.

      Hope things are good, and busy as you wanna be out there in Arizona!

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