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Sam Andrews of Andrews Custom Leather makes a holster with Hank Strange.

It’s a little long, but this is an excellent video done by Hank Strange in Sam Andrews shop down in Alachua, Florida.  This one takes you step-by-step through Sam’s process of making a belt slide, or “pancake” holster for a Glock 19.  Sam recently moved his shop from Alachua to St. Augustine, Florida.

Sam’s process is a little different than mine, but similar in many ways.  He’s been at it for some 40-years, and he stays booked with an extended backlog.  As a Maker, I love watching other Maker’s processes.  I always learn something, and this video is no exception.  One thing I learned from this one is that Sam Andrews seems to be a heck of a nice guy.

Awesome video from Hank Strange on a process I’m always fascinated by.  Check out Andrews Custom Leather here Andrews Custom Leather and Hank’s YouTube Channel here Hank Strange YouTube.

Check it out, and comment below!

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Happy New Year! And all the best for an amazing 2017.

Leather tools and hammers from Jeremiah Watt out in California
Photo recycling. My hammer collection from Jeremiah Watt.

Just a quick little blog post to wish you and yours a Happy New Year, and the best of everything for 2017.

Also, a heartfelt “thank you!” to all of our customers and friends for making 2016 awesome!


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Making changes. Working on the website.

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Good Sunday morning!  It’s the last day of what’s been a happy, busy, January.  I thought I’d get in here and make some changes to the website.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I changed domains and internet service providers last year after many years with my previous provider.  The learning curve’s been pretty steep.

When I started “making things” way back in 1986, it was bullropes for bullriders, and other assorted cowboy gear.  My primary focus was rodeo, and the bullriding event.  That transitioned into leather, and gunleather.  Orders were taken by phone, and payments were made by check or money order via the US Postal Service.

My, how things have changed.  Today, it’s PayPal via the website or electronic mail.  Questions and answers are electronically volleyed back and forth with photos and measurements. Friendships develop without ever meeting.

What hasn’t changed is the handcrafting.  The hours in the shop with the coffee pot constantly burping and recharging.  Sides of leather, spools of thread, finicky machinery, and watching the sunrise through the shop windows.

Sunrise at the shop.

 What’s not to love?