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IN STOCK! Gibson Star Basket, Natural for 4″ or 4.25″ Commander. Shown with a 4″ Kimber Pro Raptor II. $159.00, shipped!

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Here’s another of the holsters I finished last Friday.   I only have one of these.

It’s for a 4″ or 4.25″ Commander-length 1911, but the toe is molded open, so it will accommodate a 5″ 1911 with no problem.  The muzzle will be exposed with a 5-inch 1911.

This is hand-stamped one little bitty star basket stamp at a time, and finished off with a Barry King flower border.  It’s a right-hand, high-ride with a full combat grip.  Your middle finger won’t rub on anything.  Hand-oiled with 100% pure Neatsfoot Oil.  Hand-dyed, waxed, burnished and polished edges and belt slots.  The slots are designed to fit a dual-layer, 1/4″ thick heavy gunbelt.  It’s made from premium, American-tanned Hermann Oak leather, and machine stitched with heavy white polyester cord.  15-degree muzzle-rear rake, and a molded sight channel.  Only one of these, and she’s in-stock and ready to hit the road via USPS Priority Mail.  You can have it in your hands within a week–and, like most of them, she’s even better lookin’ in person.

$159.00, shipped.

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Gibson Star Basket for 4 or 4.25″ Commander 1911. ***SOLD!***.

Gibson Gunleather and Bruce Gibson Design hand-stamped Star Basket, right-hand, high-ride belt slide pancake holster for the Commander length 1911 with 4, or 4.25-inch barrels.

The Star Basket pattern and border is not embossed–it is laid out and hand-stamped one tiny star at a time.  This process takes time, and hand-crafted attention to detail.

The sight track is molded in to accommodate the larger sights on modern pistols, and the stitching is flared to eliminate “sticking” or hanging up on the draw.

Retention is excellent.  Suitable for open or concealed carry.

Full trigger guard coverage, and cutaway for a comfortable, full-firing grip while holstered.

This holster is designed to fit dual-layer gun belts 1.5″ wide, and 1/4″ thick. This is a high-ride, open carry or concealed holster with a 15-degree muzzle-rear rake or cant.

The Natural oil finish will darken somewhat over time with exposure to sunlight.  A lot of folks describe this as “patina,” and it’s a really cool natural occurrence with veg-tan leather.

All we use is Premium American Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather.  All proudly made in the USA.  Hermann Oak has been in the leather business in St. Louis, Missouri since 1881.  There is none better.

Heavy wheat colored nylon machine stitching.

Hand-fitted and hand-detailed. Holster edges are hand-beveled, waxed, finished, and burnished.

This holster is in-stock and ships via US Postal Service Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Replica gun, mags and other goodies are not included.

Questions are always welcome! And again, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thank you for looking!

$125.00 with Free Priority Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation and tracking.