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Wordsmith. I like the portrait that paints.

Wordsmith.  Word-smith.  Defined, it’s “a skilled user of words.”

I just think it has a really cool ring to it.  Wordsmith.

There’s a visual it brings to mind–that of a pair of hands, working at something.  Molding, shaping, carving.  Chips of wood landing on the ground, or the floor.   Sparks flying from the hammer of a blacksmith.  The ringing of hammer on anvil.

For me, it’s cool to make stuff.  To take raw materials in hand, and visualize a finished product.  In my case, it’s often a side of leather produced by other hands from a cow, steer, or bull.  To cut it, shape it, glue it, form, mold (mould), sew and finish.  In my world, leather is the canvas.  Every piece is different.  I kinda love that.

I look at words the same way.  God knows there’s an overwhelming assortment to choose from.

Leather, words, and guns.  I get to play with all three.  Words are the trickiest–the least predictable.  I’m careful with all three, but pay particular attention to the words.  Guns are simple, not unlike hammers, screwdrivers, or any other tool.  Leather presents its challenges, but most of the time it yields to my will.  Words?  Not so much.

I’ll keep playing with words.  With leather.  With guns.  It’s what I do.  What I’m about.

Life is good.